Thursday, November 1, 2012

Little Favours: Kookies 1

My husband is one of the type of people who had zillionth ideas on business. Me on the other hand was never exposed to business, only that I kept on saying "businesswoman" in my primary school progress book. And I thought businesswoman=news presenter! Bummer.

So he kept on pressuring me doing this and that and all I said was to take it slowly. Instead of going straight to Dessert buffet (wah that's a big hint!), I told him I will start doing favours for weddings or parties.


introducing Little Favours! A little something for your guest, perfect for birthday party, engagement, wedding, akikah/cukur jambul or any private event! Email me at for T&C and more info ;)

Or go to our Facebook for more details ;)


Ahyue said...

salam, u base in johor ke? i'm thinking to order those cookies :(

Kookies said...

Hi dear ;)

Yup, I'm based in JB. You can contact me via FB, email ( or SMS me at 0196322535.

Hope to hear from you soon!

HazeL said...

stil available tak dis promotion price?

Kookies said...

Hi dear,

The promo price dah habis but you can get at discounted rate kalau order lebih. Boleh sms or msg us on fb ;)