Saturday, July 21, 2012

Salam Ramadhan and Happy Fasting :)

Sorry for the long silence :( Still figuring out on few things..

Good news is we are back in Semenanjung for Hari Raya's orders! Sabah's order is still open though. But since a lot of people requested to have the cookies in Semenanjung, might as well I take some whilst visiting the family.

Please do take note that we'll be taking limited number or jars this time. So, to avoid disappointment (or in another word; kempunan), please make a full payment within two days after booking to confirm your order ;)

1.       Choose between M&M’s (RM28) or Original chocolate chips (RM25) cookies.
2.       Send me a msg/sms/whatsapp/email and let me know how any jars do you want.
3.       You’ll be getting a reply from me together with account number to make a payment.
4.       Let me know once again if you have made a payment.

No delivery, strictly pick it up yourselves (unless you choose to Poslaju it) from;

Me: at Taman Rinting, Masai from 31st July until 6th August
Obe: at Menara Celcom, Jln Semarak from 7th August onwards.

*Each jar: 55-60pcs

*I do send out the cookies via Poslaju, contact me for more info!

*Like us on Facebook for more info, or send me an email at!