Thursday, June 23, 2011


I'd never tasted a tiramisu before. Not that I don't like it but I was never a fan of coffee. Few months back, I bought 1 pack savoiardi biscuits or also called as ladyfingers. I put it away in my store room along with my other baking stuff and forgotten. Few months after that I had some cream cheese leftover so I thought I could make a tiramisu. It was too late because apparently the seal wasn't completely sealed and ants were everywhere in it.

It sucks.

Few weeks after that I bought another pack of ladyfingers. This time around pretty sure that I would make it within that week and voila!

A tiramisuuuuuuuu!

I was quite ecstatic at first. Even my brother asked me about it when he saw it on the fridge.

Instead of using Mascarpone cheese, I opted for a cream cheese instead. But if you asked me I would strongly suggest using a mascarpone cheese!

Recipe I get from here. Sorry I did typed just now and after I clicked 'Publish Post', the post gone :(

Roses Cake

Sorry for the long silence. I was pretty preoccupied with so much lately; sister's wedding, the resignation, baking orders and so much more!

And this is a red velvet and white cake. It has 3 layers (very heavy and high!); 2 white cake layers and one red velvet layer. I frosted it with cream cheese frosting and buttercream. It was for my students to marked their last day at school somewhere in February or March :p

I was so inspired by the cake from I am Baker that I immediately frosted it rightaway. The buttercream was a bit hard though sebab tu crack2 tak smooth :( I had to frost it less than an hour, that's explained.

And nothing beats me when I saw their faces :)

ps: I did try making her hydrangea cake. *sigh* need to practice more!