Friday, February 24, 2012

The not so called desserts buffet.

Being a baker myself, I realized one thing, I have become even more fussier than ever when it comes to serving my guests/customers with my products.

I have created a borderline at where my baked goods should have tasted like, hence I prefer quality than quantities.

For my engagement, I do know I wanted a desserts buffet. I know friends and relatives love my baked goods, so I worked my ass off to get one. I started baking two days before, with the cookies. Then the cakes and cupcakes. And on the day itself I made trifle and pavlova.

Alhamdulillah, the desserts gone after 15 minutes of serving! Everyone kept on complaining of it weren't enough. But seriously, if only we had a bigger fridge! Haha.

That evening, before the engagement, I arranged all the cake stands, plates and everything on kitchen table, asked my cosuins and friends to help me to do the deco on the pavlova and trifle and tell them what to serve later. And due to time constraint and since I got sick few days before that, I decided to do a minimal (or more like none at all) decoration for the desserts buffet! Hehe. Whatever, all I want was to serve good desserts for the guests.

Rainbow cake. Decided to do three layers only :p So malas! Haha.


Moist chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (luckily there were some left from the rainbow cake) and vanilla buttercream.



Trifle and pavlova finished first. Alhamdulillah everyone loves it and couldn't stop complementing all the desserts! I think I have all the recipes from previous posts ;)

Even one of mom's colleagues said the desserts deserve more than 5 stars! Even better than the hotel's chef! *teary eyes*

I am overwhelmed!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Nephew's Birthday!

He is the apple of our eyes. He is charming. He is cute. He is adorable. He is everything to us. Being the first nephew/grandson, he is definitely our attention now until *cough* we have Kakak Jr. *wink*

The preparation was planned all the way from JB, Dubai, KL, and KK. Although I got mixed up with the time as nobody tell me they had changed the time T_T But I started baking like 2 days before: the massive and huge rainbow cake, cakes, cookies and cupcakes.

We had a simple candy buffet as everyone was busy with some other things. Also had some games for the kids by my sister. We had to canceled some games though as it was heavily rained that evening.

The cookie monster cake, and heavy!

And thanks to my overly creative sister, I had to baked two extra cakes. One for the birthday boy for him to squash and get dirty, another one as a surprise for my mom.

But looking back, I should had put the M&M's before serving and take it out from fridge an hour early because apparently, he is not a big fan of cold things *sigh*

And cupcakes, made 4 dozens of vanilla cupcakes. With simple design though.

It was sure an awesome day, surrounded with kids. Yes yes, I need to practice my skills entertaining those little ones ahah!

So long?

I know it has been a while (and why do I have to say that in each of my post lately? Hahaha). Finally am back in KK, but to no avail, my immune system got low so flu and mild fever are attacking me now.

Was busy with nephew's birthday party which I was the self-appointed baker of the day hah! Then my engagement *blushing* so yes, the boyfriend is no longer the boyfriend! I did some desserts for the engagement, not that much though and people were complaining it weren't enough but what else can I do since I DIYed almost everything for that day?

But Alhamdulillah, God is fair. Got some orders coming in :)

Azanurfaezan, my schoolmate requested for 100 oreo Rosies cupcakes with buttercream, and 3 rainbow cakes.

Kak Syirot, my sister's friend ordered moist choc cupcakes with buttercream for her twin cousins. She didn't request any design :| so this was the best I could come up with. Hopefully she was pleased with this design.