Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ombre cake

I have been wanted to try ombre effect cake, eversince it became phenomenal this year. I did try to baked it for my engagement but I was too lazy to divide the batter to another three different tints. Haha. So this time, when one of my friend asked me to do a cake for her engagement hantaran, I told her I wanted to do ombre cake for her. Send her the picture and she said yes immediately.

But between ombre cake and ombre buttercream, which one is better?

So I made a trial cake;

Ombre cake. I used a vanilla cake recipe for this one, don't remember which one, but the cake was a bit bitter. Maybe from the baking powder?

But luckily my friend asked for a red velvet cake, so I made her Roses cake with ombre effect.

Definitely my favourite. And I used the leftover cream cheese filling for the topping as well.

And she requested for the same design from Purple Garden, but instead of purple, she wanted it to be in choc. So here goes :)

Thanks Fai!

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